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Looking to play CS GO Jackpot? You have come to the right csgo betting sites. For those of you that don’t know SkinsVault allows you to deposit your csgo skins to our system to use in to play in csgo jackpot games and win free csgo skins.

The principal of CS GO Jackpot

  1. A user place’s some skins into the jackpot.
  2. The timer will start counting down to 0, and keeps resetting if no one else places a bet.
  3. The second user place’s a bet, based on the value of each user’s bet the % chance will be calculated.
  4. When the timer reaches 0 the spinner will start with each user’s picture in place and a random winner selected and the contents of the pot (csgo skins) will be moved to the winner’s inventory instantly.
  5. Additional users may also place bets before the timer reaches 0.
  6. The free csgo skins can then be withdrawn back to your steam inventory, or alternatively used to win more free skins!

Rules and settings

Maximum Inventory Skins: 50
Minimum skin deposit price: $0.15
Minimum number of users per jackpot: 2
Minimum jackpot deposit: $2.50
Souvenier items are blocked, any offers containing such items will be declined.

Coinflip Jackpot

If you fancy an even, ‘coin flip’ game we also offer a section where you can Create Lobby and other users are able to match your bet to enter in a completely even 50 / 50 jackpot where no other users can enter. Maybe you want to challenge a friend to a duel and see who can come out richer!


CSGO Match betting is very popular...but don't you miss the good old days where you could place skins on games and have the excitement to see what you may win back? You have come to the right place, one of the only sites on the market offering this style of betting. Support your favourite team and win big, upload your skins to the skinsvault inventory, and then its quick and easy to place a bet on the team of your choice whenever you like right up to the start of the game. Once the game has gone live all the items are locked in the pot and given out amongst the winning individuals according to the odds.

Minimum bet: $1
Maximum bet: $20
Maximum items per bet: 5

The odd's will start changing at a total of 5 bets, and there must be this number of bets in the pot to proceed, if the pot doesn't meet this limit it will be cancelled and all items returned to the original owner; additionally should a match be cancelled for any other reason the skins will be returned to you.


The site takes a very small, 8%, of each winning pot to ensure SkinsVault can remain one of the most secure and best csgo gambling sites in the market. Additionally on the smaller pots the commission is normally so small there isn’t a suitable item to take so we take zero commission from the pot and let you play for free.

You can reduce the amount of commission taken per pot to only 5% by placing the following tag in your steam name:



We pride ourselves in offering the best support available on a csgobetting site and aim to respond to all queries within 12 hours. If you ever have a problem please raise a ticket in the support desk located on the main menu.